How to Make Peony Paper Flowers

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstien

Then what are we waiting for …let’s have fun! It’s easy to be creative when you have someone to guide you. We only need a pair of scissors, paper, and glue to be creative and have fun. Its that easy. 

Today I am going to show you how  a very beautiful flower called Peony is made with paper.

Materials required:

  • Italian Crepe Paper
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Glue / glue gun
  • Scissors


1. Cut three sizes of flower petals just like the template shown in the picture. The first one should be smallest, approximately 2 inches in size and 6 in number. The second one is the heart shaped petal,  3 inches in size and 7 in number. The third is the largest petal which is about 4  inches and 7 in number.

2. Next step would be the twisting of petals. Hold the upper part of the petal and twist it in opposite direction as shown in the picture. keep folding the edges of the petal. Curl all the petals.

3. To give them a petal shape now we have to stretch it from the middle. This way it would look more like a real flower petal. This is the point where quality of a crepe paper matters the most. Italian crepe papers have the most elasticity.

After shaping, all the petals should look like this.

4. Now we will make the center part of the flower. Take 3 yellow rectangular shape crepe paper. They should be 3-4 inches long. Cut them in thin strips. Now take your floral wire and stick the yellow paper to the wire and start wrapping it around the wire. Do the same with the other two rectangular shape yellow paper. Stamen is ready.

5. Now start assembling the flower by first sticking the smallest petal to the stamen. Stick the the second petal opposite to the first petal and start sticking all the others. when you are done with smallest petals continue with the heart shaped petals and then the largest ones.

6. Now the only thing left is to wrap the floral wire with floral tape.

And here you are with your flower. Flaunt it to the world .

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