How to Make Pom Pom Flowers

Pom Pom Flowers …The name itself tells you everything…its everything but boring. These flowers are best suited for  a kids room or a fun party. Making a pom pom flower is as fun as it looks. Even kids can make it. We don’t even need a glue, that’s how easy it is.

So how to make them ? Well its pretty simple.


  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Thread or something to tie


Take 10-15 sheets of Tissue paper of any color.  It should be rectangular paper of any size. If you want it to be large, take a full sheet of tissue paper.

Pile up the sheets and place them vertically from you as shown. Now hold all the sheets together and start folding them. First fold them upwards and then downwards and so on just like a fan.

When the fan is ready find a mid point and tie it with a thread or a wire.

Now hold one end and start shaping it with scissors as shown.

Now keep it on the table start opening each and every layer from both the ends.

Be careful while opening the layers, it should not tear off. When all the layers are open it would look like a beautiful ball. This is it. You are all done. Even your kids can help in this little project of yours.

Decorate it as you like, where you like. It can hang from the ceilings of your kids room or from the tree of your garden, it can also be a beautiful backdrop by sticking it to a wall.

No matter what you decide to do with it, it will look beautiful anyway.

Here is a picture of kids room where pom pom flowers have been added to the wall sticker to add more color and personal touch.

Try it out and don’t forget to share your picture.

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